Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles™ - Panic
Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles™ - Smoking
Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles™ - Panic
Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles™ - Smoking
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Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles
As you think, so shall you be
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Currently Offering
If you are interested in participating in this ten session group therapy experience to be held one to two times weekly beginning sometime soon, please contact Dr. Reid at one of the contact locations listed here. Please provide the following information:
* Name
* Address
* Phone
* Preference for morning or afternoon sessions
* Day of week preference (Monday thru Friday)

Prior to your participation in this group, you will be asked to complete a personal data form. You will be responsible for paying your $30.00 fee prior to all sessions.

Your participation in this group will be held in the strictest of confidence as with all behavioral health treatment. A personal file will be maintained during and after your participation in this group. Consistent with HIPAA policies and procedures, you have a right to access this file with appropriate notification.
If you have an old habit you want to change, HELP is on the way. Through a system of therapeutic procedures called Hypnotically Enhanced Learning Principles™ (HELP) Dr. David Reid will help you change your unwanted habits in comfortable, effective, and permanent ways.

Does your unwanted habit leave you feeling powerless, overwhelmed, perhaps even victimized, and feeling like you lack the ability to influence change? Most habits like smoking, nail biting, insomnia (yes this is a habit) and over-eating, develop over time through conditioned learning experiences, sometimes at an unconscious level.

Dr. Reid's
HELP enables people, through a combination of effective and proven psychotherapeutic strategies, to regain control over behavior that influences desired change in unwanted habits. Dr. Reid firmly believes that all of us have untapped skills, abilities, and resources to overcome the very behaviors that seem to live a life of their own. By employing the principles of HELP, Dr. Reid can help you find creative solutions and healthier alternatives that may not be as readily available or achievable on a conscious level.

Since our unconscious mind operates only on
positive principles, is not critical or judgmental, and doesn't understand negative words like can't or shouldn't, HELP allows you to access positive, growth-oriented resources and abilities that will make a difference in your life TODAY!
Imagine a life free of your unwanted habit . . . a healthier, happier life where you are finally in charge of you.

Call Dr. Reid for an initial consultation and get a little
HELP in your life to permanently change that unwanted habit today!
Old habits DO NOT have to die hard!
HELP Defuse Panic Now!
HELP Beat the Habit Now!
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